Training your staff or enhancing your own knowledge is beneficial to any business. Carried out effectively it can improve business performance, target skills to meet needs, motivate staff and value the workforce

State 21 is a training provider with a broad range of experience from the management and delivery of courses. Our team have expertise across a wide range of subject matter who are also qualified and experienced trainers. We can offer solutions to unlock potential of individuals and teams, increase capability and ultimately help improve performance. We specialise in the design and delivery of bespoke quality blended learning solutions that meets the needs of any individual, business or organisation.

State 21 can provide training which can be adapted to meet your needs or that of your organisation. Please see our training catalogue for the range of courses we offer.

Case Study - Paramedic training

State 21 Directors are former tactical advisors, Force negotiators and major incident Commanders. This unique skill set has allowed us to support a wide variety of clients who require proven experience and credibility. Over the last 24 months State 21 has been supporting one of our partner companies in the provision of training to paramedics at a national level.