Companies and individuals can be at risk of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities.

Reputational risk is a risk of loss resulting from damages to an individual or company reputation due to an adverse event. This could result in clients, suppliers and customers losing trust and as a result lost revenue, increase in operating costs or reduction in shareholder value. Adverse events typically associated with reputation risk include ethics, safety, security, sustainability, and quality. We offer a range of services to which will to avoid these through pre-emptive action.

State 21 have experience and expertise in a range of subject matters which will help you manage risk and reputation including a range a courses which can be found in our Training Catalogue

Case Study - Port Emergency Plan & Exercise

State 21 were requested to support a significant growing and expanding port in the evaluation and testing of their emergency plans, including the facilitation of a live exercise. Key to the continued development and prosperity of the port was a demonstration to both customers and government of their preparedness and competency to deal with emergencies, including terrorist and criminal acts. State 21’s proven pedigree in Policing combined with a wide range of associates allowed for up to date training input, evaluation of plans and a testing exercise focused on defensible decision making and inter-agency operability. A live exercise allowed the port to enhance their reputation, build competence, credibility and confidence in a safe learning environment. Feedback from both the client and subsequently government departments had highlighted the value that this training and exercise brought.