As an individual, team or business, continuous learning and development is essential to success

We offer a range of courses which will provide individuals or teams with the knowledge and skills to carry out their role effectively and succeed in an ever changing landscape. We are able to adapt our courses to meet the needs of the client. Our training staff and associates are all  highly qualified with experience delivering to individuals and teams.

State 21 can provide a range of Learning and Development opportunities including the development of strategies and plans to enhance opportunities for your staff, training, coaching, and  mentoring.

Case Study - Offender Rehabilitation

State 21 Directors are engaged by an Offender Rehabilitation Charity to develop and roll out a course to educate offenders being dealt with by the Police for minor offences. Offenders were given the opportunity to take the Course (an out of course disposal) rather than attend court, with the scheme running in a similar fashion to the driver awareness course for people caught speeding. State 21 has assisted the charity in the development of the course, in establishing a partnership with a national call centre provider to manage bookings and payments and in the evaluation of the course through our established links with a high-grade University. State 21’s wide Police connections, over 90 years of Police experience and unique knowledge of the “out of court disposals” world has enabled the establishment of the course in 20 forces, with more set to go live. Furthermore State 21’s expertise in this area and its reputation is allowing for the establishment of further partnerships to deliver a wider range of out of court disposals, covering such areas as domestic assault and inappropriate behaviour.