State 21 believes that the skills and competencies required to make a good leader and effectively manage staff can be learnt, practised and refined if an individual is willing to open their minds, learn, act on feedback and engage in continuous improvement.

State 21 can work with you to develop bespoke training and support which will assist you to deliver high levels of performance whilst looking after your staff.

We offer:

1-2-1 training
Group Training events
Team Development Days
Health and Wellbeing guidance/activity

State 21 can support you and your teams in any of the following:

•Initial identification of aspiration and requirement

•Setting realistic goals

•Assessment of Individual/Teams capabilities and capacity

•Identification of strengths and areas for development

•Strategy/Plans to enhance performance by development of individuals/teams

•Toolkit of tactics to achieve strategy/plan to include:




•Team events

•Health and Wellbeing activities

•Performance management processes (e.g.. personal assessment monitoring/management)

•Ongoing support